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ZJZ Love helps each other

2017-07-11 22

In May 14th, Li Shuanlao took the staff of injection molding workshop a letter of thanks to the office, thanks to the company and all the staff for the donation of his wife Griye.

The affair was checked one month ago. At the beginning of this year, as the molder Griye at work often feel unwell, to check the Weinan Central Hospital of Shaanxi Province in April 1st, CT diagnosis results: two lung metastases, liver and spleen metastases (cancer). The diagnosis brought catastrophic disaster to the family, and Li Shuanlao himself had been treated for many days because of a slipped shoulder in 2008, and gave up the operation for conservative treatment because of financial difficulties.

After that, the company attaches great importance to the leadership, on the morning of May 10th held an emergency meeting, launched the emergency plan, "mutual love fund", out of 3000 yuan love money, called middle afternoon meeting, the meeting called departments to actively mobilize the staff dedication of love. Finally, a total of 23297.7 yuan to raise love money.

Gifts of roses, fragrance in hand, the donation once again witnessed a good tradition of mutual love of the people today.

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