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 Hello, everyone:
I am now ZJZ electric company chairman Li Deguo. Welcome to our website, it is you and I contact him the friendship bridge, which is to show the cause of value of life stage. In the global automobile industry rapid development, auto electrical modernization process accelerated today, we increasingly feel to the " cooperation and development, improve the common" necessary. All of our people will be full of enthusiasm, unlimited business opportunities and development space, looking forward to joining the professional community and cooperation.

At present the people after more than 10 years of stormy history, for a common dream and glory, we continue to explore, learn, explore, and fight, self-improvement, and jointly create a warm and open, sincere cooperation, advance with the times, equal competition and warm their homes. In order to meet, meet the needs of industrial development, to ensure that the automobile electric circuit terminal reliability and safety, the introduction of modern advanced technology, equipment, the pursuit of excellence in quality, provide first-class services.

Have had the joy of success, there have been failures and confused, but we believe that through wind and rain, across the rough, can understand the true meaning of life, create life value. Through the community care and support, through your cooperation and assistance, but tomorrow will be the new face of social return, social services!


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